Being in front of the camera should be so much fun.

Have you ever felt awkward in front of the camera like me? You're not gonna feel that way anymore. One of my main priorities is making sure you have SO much fun. You're going to feel so relaxed and comfortable, that you leave feeling like you could jump back in front of a camera anytime. I'll cheer you on, give you clear direction, help you loosen up, put you at ease, probably make you spin around or move in some weird way, & leave you feeling good. Authentic moments mean the most to me. This is why I've worked hard discovering the best tricks to help bring out those real moments.

Capturing Memories

This requires trust

In order to create the most beautiful images & experience, I need your trust. Trust is what's going to help us establish an authentic connection.

I need you to try not to worry about the weather, the wind, the timeline, or making sure your hair's perfectly in place. Don't worry, I've got you. I'll tell you if something's out of place, but let's capture the moments for how they really are. Sometimes, the wind & weather make for the coolest photos anyway. No matter the conditions, I'm here to be your guide.